Academic Program: Interdisciplinary Studies

Students with well-defined educational goals that are not met by any of the majors listed in the catalog may submit a proposal to create an Interdisciplinary Studies major. The major should be distinct from existing majors and use a set of courses to create an intentional, integrated and outcome-based program of study. In essence, you can create your own major using courses available at the College.

Follow these steps to propose an Interdisciplinary Studies major.

Step 1: Determine If You Are Eligible

  1. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the time they request the Interdisciplinary Studies major.
  2. Students can apply for the major beginning with their second semester at the College and must apply prior to the end of their fifth semester.
  3. A maximum of 12 credit hours completed prior to the submission of the proposal may counted towards the Interdisciplinary Studies major requirements.

Step 2: Research Your Career/Educational Goals

This may be done through the Career Services Office, library search, internet search and/or personal contact with current professional(s) in the chosen career You may also review requirements for related programs at other colleges and universities. Your advisor can assist with this step.

Step 3: Contact Your Advisor

Make an appointment to discuss appropriateness of program and requirements. If you do not have an advisor, contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs for assistance.

Step 4: Identify Courses for Your Major

The proposed program of study must meet these requirements:

  • The courses identified must form an integrated plan and include 48-57 credits of coursework, of which 30 hours must be upper level (courses numbered 300 or above).
    • At least 30 credits must come from a primary discipline.
    • At least 12 credits much come from one additional discipline.
  • A culminating experience which may include a capstone course, capstone project, thesis or internship.
  • No more than 6 credit hours of independent study (independent of thesis research) should be included in the major.

Students pursuing an Individualized Major must also complete all other applicable College graduation requirements, which include but are not limited to taking COLL 101, completing 120 credits, completing 40 upper division credits, and completing the General Studies requirements.

Step 5: Prepare Your Proposal

  1. Download the Interdisciplinary Studies Major Proposal Form.
  2. General directions:
    • The proposal must be typed using standard professional font (i.e. Times New Roman).
    • Address each topic in a concise yet thorough manner.
    • Remember your proposal will be evaluated on the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your proposal, as well as the appropriateness and feasibility of your proposal in relation to your stated goals.
    • Proper grammar and usage are important.
  3. The proposal must be approved by the advisor, appropriate Dean, and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  4. Once the major is approved, the student will complete the program under the direction of his/her advisor and Dean.
  5. Any changes made after the initial approval must be reviewed and approved the advisor and the Dean.