Parking Violation Appeals

When a parking violation notice (Ticket) is not agreed to by an individual who received the notice, they have the ability to file an appeal. In order to file an appeal, you must fill out the following Appeals Form with all fields filled in, or fill out a written copy which you can obtain from, and submit to, the Business or Security Office. Make sure to include your Peru State College issued email address so that a notification can be sent to you promptly after a decision is made. An appeals committee meets on a regular basis to hear any pending appeals. The process goes as follows:

    • The facilitator (Security Supervisor) will present:

        • The ticket #

        • The offense(s)

        • Location of issuance

        • Time of issuance

        • The basis for appeal written/typed by the person appealing said notice
  • They will clarify any geographical questions that are relevant to the notice/offenses
  • They will make a decision on whether to uphold, dismiss, or modify the violations/penalties.
  • At the conclusion of the hearing, the Security Supervisor will then send out notification of the decision to the Peru State College email that was provided on the appeals form.
  • A written letter of the decision will also be mailed to campus mail or address on file with the Business Office.

For any questions related to the appeals process, please contact Tim in the Security Office at or 402-872-2411 .