Business Contest Event Assistant Work-Study

Start Date

The Business Contest Director is seeking students who have qualified and accepted Federal Work-Study funds on campus. Starting date is August 23, 2021. Anticipated weekly hours depend on award amount and class schedule but may be a minimum of 5 hours, maximum of 20 hours per week. We are willing to work with a student’s schedule and availability. The annual High School Business Contest is held in February. Student workers will help throughout the academic year with preparation, planning, execution and post-duties of the event.  Information on the contest can be found here.



Starting wage is $9.00 per hour.



Prefer full-time on-campus student who will assist the Director with various tasks. Must be dependable, detail-oriented, and able to use computer systems effectively. 

Other qualifications include 

Basic office skills, filing, operate a copier, fax, scanner, Microsoft Office, etc.

Have excellent verbal and written communication skills. May produce documents, posters, web material for the contest.

Ability to work with and maintain confidential student information. May produce documents communicating with High School faculty.

Students may also provide assistance in the School of Professional Studies computer lab and to other division faculty and staff.

Other duties as assigned. 

Job Performance Evaluation: A job performance evaluation will be completed at the end of each semester. It will evaluate job knowledge, quality of work, initiative and dependability. 

Skills gained from position:

Customer service skills

Interpersonal skills of responsibility, teamwork, motivation, active listening, and leadership Communication skills

Basic technology skills. 

REGULATIONS ON WORK STUDY JOBS Students are not permitted to work in FWS positions during scheduled class times. Exceptions are permitted if an individual class is cancelled, if the instructor has excused the student from attending for a particular day, and if the student is receiving credit for employment in an internship, externship, or community work study experience. Any such exemptions must be documented.



Will provide support and assistance to the Director of the high school business contest as needed.


Application Procedure

Applications will be reviewed immediately and the position will be open until filled.

To apply, submit an application here. Please submit resume with employment application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Contest Director, Lisa Parriott at

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