Estate Planning Service Available Through the Peru State Foundation

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The Peru State College Foundation offers a free, confidential estate planning service through Thompson and Associates.

The Thompson & Associates opportunity is an estate plan review and education process, grounded in a values clarification conversation, leading to analysis of the current plan and recommendations to be incorporated into a new and personalized plan.

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The Four Pillars of Thompson's work with planning clients:

No cost to the planning client. The Peru State College Foundation offers this as a free educational and pre-planning opportunity.

Nothing to sell. Thompson & Associates does not have any products to sell (no insurance, annuities, management of funds), nor do we draft documents. Thompson does not compete with local advisers in any way, but rather works with them as an additional member of the planning team.

Completely confidential. Thompson & Associates will not share any information whatsoever of a personal/confidential nature that is discussed or shared in any of the planning discussions. Planning clients are safe to share whatever information is important in moving toward identifying their own goals, wishes and personalized plan.

No obligation. This is a pre-planning process, not a solicitation, and thus there is no asking or obligation to provide a charitable gift.

There are several possible outcomes of this planning process, including:

  • Planning clients arrive at an intentional and personalized plan.
  • Tax savings identified (even with the large current exclusion level).
  • Discovery of the most appropriate way to distribute assets to heirs.
  • Suggestions for structuring family businesses for eventual transfer.
  • Greater understanding of social capital and how to use it wisely.
  • Incorporation of philanthropy into the plan for those with interest.