Campus phone to phone calls you only have to enter the 4 digit extension. If you are having problems with your phone or forgot your VMB PIN submit a helpdesk ticket via KBOX.

Voice Mail

Some phones have a message indicator light that tells you when you have a voice mail message or a tape icon.  You can also have VM to EMAIL setup where a copy of the message is sent to your email.

For office numbers with voice mail boxes (VMB) you can access your VMB from your office phone by dialing your four digit extension or pressing the voice mail button. Once connected you will enter your VMB PIN.

You can also check your VMB from off-campus by calling your office number and when the voice mail message starts press * and enter you VMB PIN. You can also call 531-500-5855 then press * and enter you VMB PIN.


Long Distance Calls

Phones do not require a long distance code prior to dialing the number. International calling is restricted and requires a PIN.