Administrative Withdrawal

Administrative Withdrawal-No Show

Students are considered “no shows” if they do not attend, log in to, and complete a scheduled assignment and/or have an instructional interaction in a course during the first week of class. Upon receiving attendance records, the Student Records Office will administratively drop and notify those students not attending or participating in their courses.

Administrative Withdrawal — Past Due Balance

Payment must be made in full for the semester’s charges by the due date established by the Business Office. Enrollments will be cancelled if the balance has not been paid. Please be advised should the enrollment be cancelled, students will not be allowed to attend classes until their past due balance is paid in full. A student may appeal in writing to the Business Office for approval to pay fees after the due date in order to avoid an administrative withdrawal. The appeal should include the reasons for late payment and the plan to make progress toward the degree.

Administrative Withdrawal/Drop — Prerequisites

Students who do not meet the prerequisites of a course as stated in the current catalog and who have not received permission to enroll from the appropriate Academic Dean may be administratively dropped from the course. Students who are so identified after registering for a course will be notified within the drop/add period by the appropriate Academic Dean that they do not meet the prerequisites and should institute the procedures for dropping the course. Students who do not drop will be notified by the appropriate Academic Dean that they are being withdrawn. The appropriate Academic Dean will notify the Student Records Office to have the student withdrawn.

Administrative Withdrawal — Probation Students

Students who are on academic probation and fail to meet the requirements of the Academic Probation Contract may be subject to administrative withdrawal.